Wednesday, August 09, 2006

British MP George Galloway tells the truth - and gets away with it.

British MP George Galloway tells the truth about Lebanon in a prophetic
televised debate on Sky Newsby Michael A. Hoffman II

Joy is what the viewer experiences in savoring British Member ofParliament (MP) George Galloway's demolition of neo-con Rupert Murdoch'sSky News anchor-person, in a ten-minute debate on Hezbollah, Lebanon,terrorism and "Israel." Galloway's radical truths were broadcast worldwide. Galloway utters no weasel words, bows to no Israeli double-standards,defies the horribly disfigured media image of Arabs, and nails theIsraelis to the wall, along with their bought-and-paid-for news media,for caring more about the lives of Judaics than all other peoples.I have never heard anyone on television, including Noam Chomsky, speak so freely, effectively and prophetically about the suppressed facts regarding legitimate resistance to Israeli state terror.Best of all, as of this writing, the video of this exchange is available on-line, free of charge. Take ten minutes to see it and share it withothers. It will put courage in your spine and a smile on your face,while bolstering your morale. I found myself breaking into prolonged spontaneous applause as Galloway spoke.

Now is the time for us all to speak freely and completely truthfully about counterfeit "Israel" (Rev. 2:9), and stand for Jesus Christ against the diabolical war machine of theideological heirs of the Pharisees, who persecuted Our Lord relentlessly2,000 years ago, and do so now to the people of Lebanon and Palestine.WATCH GALLOWAY HERE:


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