Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Holocaust Denial conviction!

Retired literature professor Robert Faurisson has been convicted [of] Holocaust denial by a Paris court on Tuesday over remarks he made on Iranian television.Faurisson, 77, well known for his revisionist views, was given athree month suspended prison term and also fined 7,500 euros. Speaking on the Sahar 1 Iranian satellite channel in February2005, Faurisson said "there was never a single execution gas chamberunder the Germans".

Faurisson was found guilty of "complicity in contesting the existenceof a crime against humanity."It is the fifth time that Faurisson is condemned for the same offence. Patrick Gaubert, president of LICRA, the French league against racism and anti-Semitism, welcomed the court decision.

Faurisson was sentenced tothree months imprisonment, suspended, and a fine of E7500 (1E =$1.27). In addition he must pay E1 in damages to each of the three organizations that brought charges against him, and E1500 in legal expenses to each.

Faurisson considers this a light sentence but he will appealnevertheless. He wishes that numerous supporters attend the hearings next year, at which he will stand even more firm and uncompromising than earlier.


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