Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The BNP Ballerina - Daily Mail

Looks like the scribes and pharasees are revving up another hate campaign. This time their target is a lovely ballerina from London named Simone Clarke whose crime is to have joined the British National Party. This is not illegal but too English and ethnocentric for the government to tolerate.

So one of Tony Blair's pro-Muslim, pro-Jewish lackeys working at the Daily Mail has written a hate article trying to drum her out of the English National Ballet Company.

Look at the language by this so-called journalist "repellent...knee-jerk hatred of foreigners...organised thuggery...bower boots "

Read this hateful article - and especially the satisfying comments at the end.

The BNP Ballerina


Daily Mail

Jan 2, 2007

If I lived anywhere near London I'd be sure to watch her performance as Giselle in Giselle. The act 2 pas de deux is one of the greatets moments in all classical ballet. Simone - you are the best - you go girl!!!


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