Monday, April 09, 2007

WHYY, 90.9 Philadelphia's Easter Offering - A missionary who was converted from Christianity to science

Listening to WHYY on Easter morning as I drove to an Episcopal service I heard the story of a missionary named Dan Everett who went to live with a small Amazon tribe (the Piraha) and while he was there "saw the light" - e.g. he was converted from Christianity to science. Well both of them are religions and frankly I'd hear a similar message in most Episcopal churches of the Diocese of Pennsylvania - still I was taken aback by the smugly gleeful way in which Weekend Edition's Liane Hansen trumphed the conversion. Generally she her Weekend Edition portrays glowing descriptions of Jews and Judaism - I guess she felt Easter was a time to mention Christianity - if only with an elbow into its ribs and a winking inference that the most primitive tribe in the world has a better religion.

Couldn't help notice another story on religion over the weekend - this one didn't make it onto NPR - and likely won't appear in any mainstream sources.

Birds set afire behind Miami stores
Miami Herald

Miami firefighters made a startling discovery when they responded to a small blaze behind a strip shopping center at 1381 NW 27th Ave. on Thursday evening.

It wasn't a car or a building that was burning.

It was birds: eight to 10 of them, wrapped in cloths, placed in bags and set aflame between 6 and 8 p.m.

Also found: candles, placed next to the birds.

''It may have been a religious ceremony,'' said Ignatius Carroll, spokesman for the department.
Firefighters extinguished the flames, but half of the birds were dead.

Those still alive were injured and unable to fly.

Quick someone call WHYY - I know some Episcopalians who be willing to convert.



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