Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joe Sobran - the best writer in the business

"If having women in the military were a great idea from a military point of view, it would probably have occurred to Julius Caesar or Napoleon, or Rommel or Patton, before it occurred to Patsy Schroeder."




Blogger The young fogey said...

He is very good.

And what a marvellous common-sense quotation!

If you've not read it yet I recommend the book Flirting with Disaster by a former career US Army officer, I think a West Pointer, who quit in disgust. I heard the author in person once. He chronicled how and why having women as combat soldiers, sailors and airmen has been a complete fiasco. The generals and admirals know this but can't say anything because of political correctness; it'd be career suicide.

A few examples:

The publicity stunt that backfired: pushing an incompetent woman through Navy pilot training. She later got killed trying to land her fighter plane on a carrier.

At a naval base in Alaska the fire brigade had women in it. Because of that they needed more sailors to do what a few strong men can do.

An unstable woman enlisted in the Air Force and later literally cried to her commander that she wanted out and eventually did get out. Granted she shouldn't have been there but his point was a man couldn't get away with that...

... which is another problem, messing up morale and discipline. Not only a double standard like with that poor girl but of course... sex on the base, in the field and aboard ship, wrecking marriages and so on.

And C├Žsar and Patton couldn't have done what they did if a number of their soldiers were pregnant!

The writer sensibly says women have a place in the military in staff jobs such as doctors and lawyers - not as combat troops.

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Blogger Puckpan said...

>> The generals and admirals know this but can't say anything because of political correctness;

Thanks for the comment.

Now I want to ask you to go just a wee bit further and consider the possibility that some of the people advocating it also know it and that is why they advocate it.

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