Monday, November 26, 2007

"Barely Getting By and Facing a Cold Maine Winter"

"Barely Getting By and Facing a Cold Maine Winter "
by Eric Eckholm
New York Times !!

'MILBRIDGE, Me. — They have worked since their teens in backbreaking seasonal jobs, extracting resources from the sea and the forest. Their yards are filled with peeling boats and broken lobster traps.

"Dolly Jordan, 61, of Milbridge, Me., who has many health problems, lives on a $623 disability check and food stamps. She turns the heat off at night to save fuel.
In sagging wood homes and aged trailers scattered across Washington County, many of Maine’s poorest and oldest shiver too much in the winter, eat far more biscuits and beans than meat and cannot afford the weekly bingo game at the V.F.W. hall.

In this long-depressed “down east” region, where the wild blueberry patches have turned a brilliant crimson, thousands of elderly residents live on crushingly meager incomes. This winter promises to be especially chilling, with fuel oil prices rising and fuel assistance expected to decline. But many assume that others are worse off than themselves and are too proud to ask for assistance, according to groups that run meal programs and provide aid for heating and weatherizing.

“One of our biggest problems is convincing people to take help,” said Eleanor West, director of services for the Washington Hancock Community Agency, a federally chartered nonprofit group. “I tell them, ‘You worked hard all your life and paid taxes and are getting back a little of what you paid in."

This piece, by the NY Times (!) is about my people. They are my people - whether they know it or not. Self-sacrifice, and not asking for help is in their make-up. It is in their genes. That is one reasion why genes matter (you asked for a racialist perspective - here you go). Of course the pure worhip of genes is vulgar - and inaccurate like a bludgeon. Ancestor worship - as our pagan ancestors is nore accurate in mapping nature's way.

Anyway these people are mine. I'd like to help them. Are their any charities I could give to where I'd be sure the money went to them? Coiuld any charity help these people? Why not?

Tell me this - what churches do these people attend?

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