Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sex scandal in the LA Public School District

Not quite the Catholic Church?

Not the Catholic Church? MSM Mum About Huge L.A. School Sex Abuse Scandal
by Dave Pierre
May 19, 2008

A major child sex abuse scandal has erupted in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Where's the national media?

Steve Thomas Rooney faces 13 felony sex-related counts, including charges that he had unlawful sex with two female students, ages 13 and 14, during the time he was an assistant principal at a middle school. And here's the kicker: In August 2007 LAUSD assigned Rooney to his job even though it knew that police had investigated him about an alleged sexual relationship with a student at his previous job at a high school. The former high school girl has since testified that Rooney impregnated her. (LAT coverage)
KNX 1070 Newsradio has reported "21 teachers and administrators have been yanked from schools in the past year because of allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with kids." Most of the cases happened since only January of this year.

Two LAUSD administrators face criminal charges for failing to report suspected child abuse by a substitute teacher. Yet LAUSD has sent the pair back to work at school! (LAT)

When it comes to the abuse of children, it sure seems like the national media doesn't get too worked up unless the words "Cardinal," "bishop," or "priest" is in someone's job title.

Imagine the media uproar if a Cardinal or bishop had dismissively responded, "These things happen," when asked about child sexual abuse in his organization. You can also bet that if it were the Catholic Church, the media would be angrily demanding the names and locations of those 21 teachers and administrators.

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