Sunday, November 08, 2009

Islamic Terrorist calmly kills 13 American soldiers - bring our children home

Sgt. Amy Krueger - fallen in America

Sgt. Jason Hunt - fallen in America.

It would be hard to deny that Major Nidal Malik Hasan acted on a religious belief that infidels should be killed when he calmly, and calculatedly open fire killing 13 American soldiers.

The killer was a Muslim - and the dead, American, mostly white and Christian - so naturally the Obama administration, the Democratic party, and the Jewish media are spinning this as the fault of the victims. "He as harassed" screams CNN.

It is time for conservatives and Christians to wake up. This country hates you, your culture, your faith, and your morality. You need to stop sacrificing for your country and start sacrificing for your people. America's wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, soon Iran, soon Pakistan are not your wars. Stop giving your children for them.
Stop. Bring your children home - they are needed in their neighborhoods, homes, and churches.

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