Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Empty Nest blues - a foretaste

My wife and I have two lovely daughters - sweethearted, good students, few behaviour problems.

The oldest is starting her senior year in college in the Fall - but this is the first summer she will be living away from home. I moved her into her apartment last week. Now this week our youngest is going to the shore with a friend for a week. She left this morning.

We are alone now - and I don't like it. Sure - we're doing the right thing; going to a show tonight in Skippack. Then next week we will go out to dinner and take in a bluegrass open mike night. But still - I miss the spontaneity, the irrationality, the lightness of heart, and the joy that my children bring with them when they are here.

Oh well - a couple more years to enjoy her - and then we become empty nesters forever. Yikess!! Don't think I can deal with this.


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