Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holocaust Trials - Just like Salem, Mass. in 1647

One problem (or beauty - depending on your belief system) of Holocaust Denial trials in Europe is that the act of defending yourself is itself a crime.

The latest outrage in Germany is the accusation of Sylvia Stolz, attorney for German Forces Reserves Physician Colonel, Dr. Rigolf Hennig who is charged with "denigration of the present government."

During the trial, while defending Dr. Henning, Stolz is supposed to have read to the court a newspaper article about the appearance of world renowned Israeli artist, Gilad Atzmon in Bochum. In a public statement, Atzmon is quoted as having said that the written history of the Second World War and the Holocaust are a "complete forgery, initiated by Americans and Zionists".

Further, the defense attorney had cited in a petition the statement of the Iranian Prime Minister Ahmadinedschat that he did not believe in the Holocaust. Additionally, Stolz claimed that the "Lectures on the Holocaust" by Germar Rudolf would "eradicate the Holocaust religion down to the roots".


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