Monday, January 15, 2007

Leftists disrupt ballet in London.

Censorship is always of the left; by definition. It takes the power of the state to censor - and the state is always an instrument of the Left.

"Political activists shouted abuse at a ballerina today as she danced on stage for the first time since being unmasked as a member of the British National Party.

A small but vociferous crowd gathered outside the venue in the centre of London
Less than 15 minutes into Simone Clarke's star performance in Giselle, protesters taunted her from the stalls
with the words: 'The principal ballerina is a BNP member. No to fascism in the arts.

In an extraordinary escalation of the row that has surrounded the English National Ballet company for weeks, a 34-year-old man and several sixth-form students jumped up from their seats to shout: "Black and white unite. No to the BNP."

Clarke, who was mid-step when the outburst occurred, continued to smile and danced on as if nothing was happening. But there were loud cries of "shame" and "shut up" from the usually tranquil ballet audience, which this afternoon included high profile members of the BNP. "

First performance of 'BNP ballerina' disrupted

By Amy Iggulden


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