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Homosexuals to demonstrate in the Episcopal Church on Easter

A brilliant blog post by Greg Griffith of Traditional Anglicanism In America

Tears of the Clowns
by Greg Griffith

Get ready - it's a rainbow fashion show!

...on Easter Sunday we (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender and all allies) will be present in our churches and make ourselves visibly known to our fellow parishioners, clergy, bishops, and leadership through the wearing of rainbow sashes, stoles, hats, buttons, and other articles of clothing and accessories.

OK, don't get me started on what "other articles of clothing and accessories" might entail, but why, you ask, are the LGBTQ gang going to all this trouble?

The Episcopal Church must understand what is being asked of it—especially in terms of its lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender members.
The Episcopal Church needs to know who its lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender members are in order to know who is being asked to pay the price of unity in the Anglican Communion.
Until lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender members of the Episcopal Church have full and equal access to all the sacraments and rites of the church, lesbians/gays/bisexuals/transgendered people are essentially second-class members of the Episcopal Church.

The gay pity party has really got to stop. It has gone from silly, to ridiculous, and now to downright offensive, because it so arrogantly trivializes the true suffering for the faith that goes on around the world every day. Almost by definition, no one attending one of America's elite Episcopal churches is paying any price at all for anything, much less those whose form of protest involves "the wearing of rainbow sashes, stoles, hats, buttons, and other articles of clothing and accessories."

Seriously, folks: Stop it. You're not being asked to pay any price the rest of us aren't being asked to pay. All that's being asked of you is what's being asked of us: That you read your Bible, acknowledge your sins, and meet us at the foot of the cross where we repent and ask for forgiveness. Your constant whining about how much you're suffering, and your insistence on placing yourselves alongside history's most persecuted peoples, is a silly, fey joke that has ceased to be funny.

All over the world, real Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs:

Five Bible college students were beaten by a group of Hindu militants while sharing the Gospel on the streets of a local village in India.The students were attacked while on a routine evening outreach in the central state of Maharashtra where they gave out Gospel tracts entitled “How to Know God,” reported Gospel for Asia on Tuesday.Two of the students are in critical conditions after Sunday’s beating.The attack reportedly began when five young extremists threatened, “We’re going to kill you,” and began beating the young students. Forty more militants were said to have joined in the attack on the five Christian young men.

An Eritrean Christian died in prison last week, four and a half years after the Eritrean regime jailed him for worshipping in a banned Protestant church. From the southern port city of Assab, local Christians confirmed the death of Magos Solomon Semere on Thursday (February 15) at the Adi-Nefase Military Confinement facility just outside Assab. According to one source, Semere, 30, died “due to physical torture and persistent pneumonia, for which he was forbidden proper medical treatment.” Semere’s death is the third known killing of a Christian for his faith since last October.

Government prosecutors demanded Monday a 20-year in prison for an Islamic extremist accused of masterminding the killing of three Christian high school girls in Indonesia's strife-torn Sulawesi province nearly two years ago. accomplice admitted taking part in the murders of the three girls - Alfita Poliwo, 17, Threresia Morangke and Yarni Sambue, both 15 - as they walked to school on late October 2005 and testified that Hasanuddin masterminded as well as participated in the beheadings.A fourth girl in the attack, Noviana Malewa, then 15, received serious injuries to her face and neck but survived. She has claimed that at least six men attacked the girls.After the murders, the girls' heads were wrapped in black plastic bags.One was left on the steps of a church in nearby village, while two others were placed near a police station five miles from Poso town, and the bags contained a note stating in part, "We will murder 100 more Christian teenagers and their heads will be presented as presents."

That's persecution, folks. That's "paying a price."

So stop with the hissy fits, the pity-parties, and these ridiculous claims of 'persecution.' It's old, it's phony, and we're not buying it. Wear your goofy rainbows to church on Easter if it'll make you feel better, but do us all a favor, and stop for a moment to think about what real suffering is, what "paying a price" really means. My suggestion is to start with the event you'll be at church to commemorate.


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