Thursday, February 08, 2007

Carter and the Swarm by Israel Shamir

Publication of Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid is a great event for America and for all of us. It's not that Carter said anything we did not already know about Palestine. Before Carter, we already knew that the Zionists had established a racist apartheid regime in the Holy Land where Jews have rights, and goyim have duties. Before Carter we knew a native Palestinian has no right to vote, move or work freely in his land -- that he is locked up behind the twenty-foot wall. Before Carter we knew that the US support allowed the atrocities to occur and the apartheid regime to entrench. But what we did not know was that there are prominent Americans who would dare the wrath of organised Jewry and spell it out loud.

Why did President Carter do it? Why did he risk his peaceful old age and gently fading glory to endure an attack by Israel's Fifth Column as merciless as the Four Columns' onslaught on Gaza? He was moved by compassion, that supreme Christian virtue of feeling together with the suffering and the oppressed.

by Israel Shamir


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