Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jared Taylor - Triumphant

Here's another picture of Jared Taylor from Halifax.

Let's do a little thought experiment here. There are 7 people in this picture. Which one of them looks more intelligent, cultured, polite, civilized. Which one would you most like to go to dinner and the theater with?


Blogger dubeaux said...

Some months ago I attended a debate between Jared Taylor and chicano activist professor, Jose Angel Gutierrez at the University of Texas at Arlington. The debate question was, "Is Hispanicization Good or Bad for the USA?" Taylor absolutely destroyed Gutierrez, demonstrating beyond all reasonable doubt that Hispanic immigration (legal and illegal)is like a poison pill, with many terrible effects on our country.

Gutierrez was left squirming and blustering, and at one point made an inane joke about Taylor'"size,"(I'm not talking height)...if you know what I mean. Taylor, in contrast, was always gentlemanly, calm and courteous.

However, the UTA event occurred with a large police presence, inside and outside the auditorium. The leftwing rabble in Halifax clearly feared the truth and power of Taylor's words, and seeing the absence of police, made their cowardly attack to silence a man they hated.

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