Sunday, April 15, 2007

A New Russian Revolution

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

Yes - this time it is the billionaires. Ha ha.

The Russian Revolution was never a class struggle, neither was it one of communism vs. capitalism. The Russian Revolution was a struggle of Judaism against a traditional Christian nation - Russia. And it has continued successfully (in several subtly different guises) ever since.

But the deception - that the revolution was a class struggle - has taken root. That is why the Guardian buys into the lie. The truth is that the so-called oligarchs (including Berezovsky pictured above) are largely Jews - who ripped off the Russian people by buying state-owned assets at bargain prices during the rush to privatisation. Or a the Guardian puts it -

"Mr Berezovsky, 61, a former mathematician, turned to business during the Yeltsin years and made his fortune by capturing state assets at knockdown prices during Russia's rush towards privatisation."

Here's the whole article. Just understand that capital, money controlled by Jews with no allegiance to nations or peoples - uses NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to foment revolution. Revolutions disarm peoples - allowing them to be controlled by foreign money. In this case the target is again - almost 100 years later - Russia.

London exile Berezovsky says force necessary to bring down President PutinAudio: Berezovsky on change in Russia (25 secs)Audio: Berezovsky on his personal safety (34 secs) Ian Cobain, Matthew Taylor and Luke Harding in MoscowFriday April 13, 2007The Guardian Boris Berezovsky pictured in his London office. Photograph: Chris Young/PA

"The Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has told the Guardian he is plotting the violent overthrow of President Putin from his base in Britain after forging close contacts with members of Russia's ruling elite.

In comments which appear calculated to enrage the Kremlin, and which will further inflame relations between London and Moscow, the multimillionaire claimed he was already bankrolling people close to the president who are conspiring to mount a palace coup."

And facinating - as if on command this appeared in the news 2 days later

Russian opposition protests are met with a tough response from authorities. CNN's Mathew Chance reports. (April 15)

Giving the impression that a new Russian revolution is stirring among "the people" demanding "democracy." Nothing could be further from the truth. It is an effort by Jews to allow them to exploit the Russian people though capitalism and materialism - and opposition to the Russian Orthodox church.


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