Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Brit who get's it right on immigration

As only the English can do - here is a very well articulated objection to immigration in England - in The Guardian no less! The writer is referring to a key issue in the upcoming Parlament elections. It is an issue which strengthens the BNP (British National Party) - a party which until this issue lit the fuse would have been compared to the NSDAP by any mainstream media organ.

I'm tired of the scaredy-cat (neo-)conservatives whose only objection to immigration is security or economic. Ancestry, tradition, culture, heritage, language, and race are vital.

"Immigration is a difficult and dangerous issue. Butthe low priority accorded to it by the opposition seems unhealthy for democracy. Millions believe their legitimate fears and resentment about a large population increase in a densely inhabited island are being brushed aside and debate on the issue stifled."

"No sensible person argues against admitting any outsiders to Britain. But there seems a vast difference between objecting on principle to immigration and being appalled by its current scale. "

"Implicit or explicit in the liberal view of immigration is a denial that the present inhabitants of a community have rights in determining on what terms, and in what numbers, new arrivals should be able to join. This seems a gross injustice, an assured formula for discord."

by Max Hastings

Tuesday June 19, 2007

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