Wednesday, December 12, 2007

(The neverending) War against Christmas

Wow - powerful argument exposing the Christimas haters - and the real agenda they promote.

"The now-standard liberal response to discussion of the war against Christmas is to deny that any such war exists.

But that denial became harder after Britain’s Daily Mail reported on November 1, 2007 that the Institute for Public Policy Research, a leading Labour think tank, was advocating that Christmas be "downgraded." Such a downgrading would be part of an "urgent and upfront campaign" to promote a "multicultural understanding of Britishness." [Christmas should be 'downgraded' to help race relations says Labour think tank, By James Chapman] This downgrading would be accomplished by promoting other holidays at the expense of Christmas: "If we are going to continue as a nation to mark Christmas—and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national life even if we wanted to—then public organizations should mark other religious festivals too," the report said.

Of course, the type of campaign explicitly advocated by the Institute for Public Policy Research has been underway on both sides of the Atlantic for some time now.

The Spokane schools recently came under fire for sending out a list of "important dates" that included "
Hanukkah, Human Rights Day, winter break, the Islamic holy day Eid al-Adha, first day of winter and Kwanzaa"—but made no mention of Christmas. "

Tom Piatak (email him) writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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