Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Legal Kidnapping in Virginia

from "Legal Kidnapping in VA"

by Linda Mueller

Buchanan Brigade

August 6, 2008

Nancy Hey

"This is not an unusual story. Google "CPS Kidnapping" and you will get nearly 85,000 results.

Thousands of families across the USA are torn apart each year by kidnappers masquerading as Child Protective Services [CPS]. It just happens that I know this family."

An anonymous call about a 10-ounce weight loss by their then

3-week-old daughter triggered a legal avalanche that buried

Arlington [VA] residents Nancy Hey and Christopher Slitor.

Their parental rights were terminated last year by Arlington Judge

James Almand even though Hey and Slitor had been exonerated of all neglect charges nine months earlier...."

That's right Brigade. All it took was an anonymous call to CPS. And even though they were proved innocent of all charges, the Judge permitted another family to permanently adopt their baby [Sabrina]."

"Sabrina went to a politically influential local professional

couple with no training as foster parents, despite CPS requirements

that foster couples be trained before being entrusted with children...."

As I understand it, the foster father worked for years as a prosecutor with

the Federal Dept. of Justice, and he was working on some "domestic violence"

task force. He may have known, the judges, various lawyers and prosecutors involved with the case. Nancy told me the foster mother had fertility problems. "

She said, "It seems irresponsible of CPS to give this woman our baby for custodial foster care, because she was more covetous of our baby than ever. We always got the feeling that the baby was privately promised to them, from the beginning, by the CPS social workers andsupervisors..." It appears that the foster mother was involved in fund-raising for liberal and environmental causes, she and her husband were very well connected with various movers and shakers in Arlington, VA.

Contact Nancy and Kit. See what you can do to help them getbaby Sabrina back. Contact them at:

Please stop and think about this for a minute. This is as scarey as anything I've heard in America.

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A more through discussion of this is here: Please help me get my little daughter back


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