Saturday, January 14, 2006

Crash - the movie

Finally saw the movie Crash last night. Very, very good. It was recommended to me by a liberal friend whom I always thought to be a bit air-headed with some sort of racial agenda that regards me as the enemy. Nevertheless I like her and when she insisted I see this movie I was happy to - subject to my usual condition - I get to discuss it honestly with her - no political correctness keeping my opinions off the table while she gets to make one-sided moral sermons.

I was pleasantly surprised. This movie is refreshing. It is basically very conservative. It is suspicious of progress - it sees people as the product of circumstances they do not choose and over which they have no control - to the extent there is good and bad, they are in everyone (as those of use with common sense know).

This is so unlike liberal movies which portray - chose from category A (blacks, Jews, homosexuals, women) as noble, long-suffering victims of evil, white men (whew! Did I cover everything? lol) that the movie is genuinely striking.

This movie was all about stereotypes, yet never treated them as anything other than part of the human condition. I never felt like I was being emotionally set up by the director. Everyone is human. Gasp! What a concept.

I see very few movies - but this one I recommend.

Extra point questions-

Where does the belief in progress come from? Who defines it’s arrow? What is the role of monotheism in this?


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