Friday, February 24, 2006

Latest victim of a religious jihad

A jihad against freedom of speech rages across the West.

We've all heard the fate of David Irving. Many other scholars are in legal trouble charged with what amounts to speech that Jews find offensive.

Most frighteningly, a couple scholars have been deported from America by the US government for speech crimes in other countires (using a legal instrument called a "rendition" instituted by recent anti-terrorism legislation - thanks GW Bush) -

On November 8 the trial in Germany of “Holocaust denier” Ernst Zundel began with a dramatic clash between his attorneys and the presiding judge. And a few days later Germar Rudolf, a German citizen, was deported from Chicago to his homeland, where he likewise faces years of imprisonment for “denying the Holocaust.”

The list of those Europeans fined, imprisoned, or forced into exile for “denying the Holocaust” includes Robert Faurisson and Roger Garaudy in France, Siegfried Verbeke in Belgium, Juergen Graf and Gaston-Armand Amaudruz in Switzerland, and Guenter Deckert, Hans Schmidt and Fredrick Toben in Germany.

Former member of parliament John Gudenus will go on trial under Austria's anti-Nazi laws. Gudenus, a 64-year-old retired army officer, will probably appear before court next spring following his remark that "there were gas chambers, but not in the (Nazi) Third Reich, only in Poland". Observers pointed out that the maximum penalty under the anti-Nazi "revivalism" laws is 10 years' jail.

Just Wednesday this came across the wire -

Ken Livingstone yesterday faced the double ignominy of suspension from office and becoming liable for at least £80,000 in costs after a disciplinary tribunal found him guilty of bringing his position into disrepute by likening a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard.

We are allowing Jewish religious dogma to deprive us of the right to defend ourselves at a historic moment of critical danger. We are watching the death of the West.


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