Saturday, February 11, 2006

History Is Not A Crime

A dark cloud of censorship has fallen on Europe and it touches America. Historians can be jailed for writing about the Holocaust in a way that any powerful Jewish organization objects to. This is right out of Orwell's 1984. The specific crime can be "Holocaust denial," "defaming the memory of the dead," "hate speech," or "inciting violence."

The first is absurd - there is no such thing as "Holocaust denial." Rather historians who question certain facts of the Holocaust canon, such as the number of Jews killed, how they died, were they eliminated as part of a planned extermination of European Jewry, are simply charged and jailed and anyone who stands up for them is similarly threatened.

The intended result of this is self-censorship. And it is directed at good historians - quacks, bigots, and loonies are not censored because they serve a valuable purpose - namely, they allow all historians who question the Holocaust to be smeared as crazy.

One of the best and a true martyr to free speech is the Englishman David Irving. I have several of his works and there is no better archivist of WW2 history and few equal to him in historical writing. Among his remarkable books - largely censored by public libraries and book stores are:

Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich
. The editor of St. Martin's Press was fired for publishing the book. Read about that affair here.

Nuremberg: The Last Battle.

Uprising - One Nation's Nightmare: Hungary, 1956

Stop protecting your predispositions. Challenge yourself - read any of David Irving's great books.


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