Sunday, January 22, 2006

Opus - at the Arden Theater

Saw Opus, at the Arden Theatre last night. It's a world-premier play by local playwright Michale Hollinger built around the back-stage life a string quartet. I'd recommend it - with reservations.

Wonderfully acted, wonderfully directed, beautiful music (live music played by the Curtis Institute's Addison Quartet), and a terrific idea for theater. Not only is it very well-done - it's fun except.... I really didn't care for the script. Hollinger seems to specialize in moralistic, left-wing preachiness with a touch of mockery. The crowd might like the play's politics. He drops simplistic little political dogmata from nowhere that are completely out of context - I suppose to add - dissonance? Maybe that's why they were working on Bartok at the time.

In addition to that, some of the situations were too obviously artifices designed to create tension. A better playwright could have created his tension less obviously. Hollinger would be better writing war-movies or boxing movies for teenage boys than serious drama. Also right at the end something happens that is ridiculous, breaks the fourth wall, is out of character, and makes me like less a character I'd grown to like thoughout the play. Enough.

Go to enjoy the music and the acting - for that it is worth $40.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw it too. Was a good show. caio - sammi

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