Saturday, January 21, 2006

My favorite Leftie; my favorite Rightie

If you are not a power broker, a Washington wonk(ette), or a bureaucrat then you know there is little of value in the newspapers and even less on TV. They all present pretty much slight variations on establishment (they call it “acceptable”) political opinion.

Sometimes we normal people would like to enjoy what we read - sometimes we need a bit of fire and passion. Here are two I love who speak truth to power. The make the right enemies, and piss off people who really need a good pissing off (and I’m sure they piss off each other).

My favorite leftie, Alexander Cockburn and my favorite rightie, Ann Coulter.

(Note: Yeah I know Ann doesn’t take quite the risks that Alex does - but she’s such a hottie I can forgive her almost anything.)

Cockburn is deeper and more perceptive. Coulter is funnier, cattier, and sharper in the way a woman can be.

So when you are tired of reading the equivalent of dumbed-down establishment policy analysis that’s only good for putting you to sleep check out these two.




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