Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Jobs "Americans won't do"???

The American's who do the "jobs American's won't do" are finally fighting back and the employers who prefer to hire foreigners because they can pay them low wages without benefits.

"The Programmers Guild is filing a stack of complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice against some 300 IT employers it says are discriminating against U.S. citizens and permanent residents by placing advertisements that specifically seek "H-1B only" visa holders or workers who have student or L-1 visas. "

By law H-1b visas are for the purpose of filling jobs when American's cannot be found to fill them. But many employers are seeking only H-1b visa holders, for example this ad from the Pittsburg firm of iGate Mastech, an IT staffing agency -

"Only looking for H-1B visas and should be willing to transfer."

iGate Mastech spokesman and VP of Human Relations, Murali Balasubramanyam (lol) said the ad was a typo and that iGate Mastech does hire Americans.

Programmers file federal complaints over 'H-1B only' ads


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