Tuesday, June 27, 2006

..they believe we are hostile to them..

"Much as it hurts to say it, our enemies by and large don’t hate us because they’re poor, or because they’re hopeless; they hate us because they believe that we are hostile to them. As a recent report from the Government Accountability Office put things, “U.S. foreign policy is the major root cause behind anti-American sentiments among Muslim populations and…this point needs to be better researched, absorbed, and acted upon by government officials.”

verbum ipsum


Anonymous michaelm said...

Hey Puck-

I really want to thank you for commenting. I've been in a tizzy over this situation for a while.
Sorry you guys got screwed and believe me, should I hear from these douchebags I'm ripping them a new one.
Hope it didn't mess you up too bad.
Check my blog later tonight. I'm posting an explanation. Thanks for removing the pic.
No harm, no foul.

be well,


6:33 PM  

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