Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Homosexuals, Pedophile Priests and the Catholic Church

Two reports on the Pedophile Priest scandal in the Catholic Church have been released lately; "Report on the Implementation on the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People" by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and "The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the United States 1950-2002," by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Data from both reports reveal the following facts.

1) The majority of Priests accused of child abuse have been accused of only one case of abuse.

2) Most confirmed cases of abuse were at the hands of repeat offenders.

3) Most cases were homosexual in orientation.

4) Most cases of abuse were in large dioceses on the East or West coast.

5) The more victims a cleric abused - the more likely the Priest was to have favored male victims. Of single-abuse Priests, about 1/3 of the victims were female. Where Priests abused more than 10 children - 9/10 of the victims were male.

Despite these facts the Survivoirs Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and Voice Of The Faithful (VOTF) do the politically correct thing by saying that homosexuality has nothing to with the clerical-sex abuse crisis. That reveals these two organizations to be political - not supportive and not reaally interested in solving the problem.

If they wanted to solve the problem they would endorse the Vatican's "Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with Regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in View of Their Admission to The Seminary and To Holy Orders" which Pope Benedict signed last Fall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Most cases were homosexual in orientation".

This is so dishonest. If catholicism was an honest religion it would stop bluring adult homesexuality with paedophila. However this dishonesty services ingrained Catholic prejudice.

Some paedophiles are attracted to male children, some to female children and some to both genders. The point is that these priests were sexually attracted to children not adults. To blurr the issue by considering a paedophile priest homosexual becuase he is attracted to male children is illogical. To be a homosexual he would need to be attracted to an adult of the same gender and these priests were not.

It is time for Catholics to get a grip on this subject rather than projecting their hatred and prejudice on a group of humans.

1:33 AM  
Blogger PuckPan said...

"Homosexual in orientation" means sex between two or more people of the same gender. Most of the so-call "Priest abuse" crimes were homosexual. More than that - most of them were adult male on teenage boy.

That is homosexual. That is not dishonest - that is a fact.

But even if I were being dishonest - why should I feel constrained to any more honesty than you? You people are destroying the Christian churches in this country - and you are doing it on purpose - and in concert with people who are not Christian and whose agenda has nothing to do with sex but rather is the destruction of Christian churches.

That (Mr. Anonymous) is dishonesty.

4:47 AM  

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