Thursday, June 29, 2006

A government that does not protect us from savages is illegitimate

June 29, 2006)—A teenage girl who was forced off a rural road by two men who beat, raped and stabbed her and left her to die in a roadside ditch is “very very fortunate to be a survivor,” Limestone County Sheriff Dennis Wilson said Thursday.
Wilson said two illegal immigrants have been arrested in connection with the brutal attack.
Javier Guzman Martinez, 17, of Mexico was arrested in Limestone County and Noel Darwin Hernandez of Honduras was arrested at a bus station in Waco as he tried to leave the country, Wilson said.
Both were in the Limestone County Jail in Groesbeck Thursday.
Wilson said a local resident came forward with information that led authorities to Martinez, who in turn provided information about Hernandez.
Bleeding profusely, the girl somehow made her way to a house a half-mile from where she was left to die.
She was in stable condition Thursday at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, to which she was flown by helicopter early Wednesday morning.
“We want to make sure this young lady knows that she and our family are certainly in our prayers and our thoughts, Wilson said.”
The girl is a recent graduate of Mexia High School, where school officials were shocked by news of the attack.
“The community is devastated because she is such a sweet girl,” Mexia School Board President Don Corbitt told News Ten.
“We don’t understand how anyone could do anything like that to a girl at all, much less someone as sweet as she is.


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