Friday, July 14, 2006

Lunchtime at Washington's Chapel, Valley Forge

Had a lovely lunch today. I visited Washington's Chapel Episcopal Church in Valley Forge Park.

It is truly a place of peace - and of history. It celebrates a time when "patriot" was not a political word to be used as a weapon - but meant a lover of America. It also recreates a time when the Episcopal Church was healthy and vibrant - when it welcomed heterosexual white guys and families; a time when the church was growing and looking forward.

George Washington really did worship here.

Most striking is this statue inscribed "To the mothers of the nation, and in memory of Henrietta Heckscher. Died in childbirth, June 11, 1912."

Below is one of the many stained glass works - this one dedicated to founding father, Anglican George Clymer.

The beautiful Callion Tower. Concerts are held every weekend througout the summer.


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