Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why Does the Left Hate Rocky?

This is from Peter Sheldrick, actor, writer, and founder of the "Role of the Dice Theatre Company" in Toronto on politics and the Rocky movies. It is very perceptive and his last sentence describes perfectly why Leftists are so hateful, angry, and violent.

"I have sat in the company of Leftists while watching Rocky and there were times when I was on the brink of tears, while they were complaining about ‘class structure’ in the movie or something or other. They cannot view a human film about the human heart through the eyes of a human – especially when its themes violate their sacred political vision. They hate the movie for what it is, and for what it isn’t. It’s like going to a comedy club and complaining that comedians are telling jokes and that people are laughing. It must be a very torturous experience to live your life as a Leftist, because you are basically trying to deny your own natural impulses at all times, as well as trying to suppress them in others."


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