Friday, September 01, 2006

Iraq & Serbia

The Neocons and Serbia (from 2001)
by Max Shpak

According to Neo-Conservative pundits, there seem to be Good Muslims and Bad Muslims, and who gets what label depends on who Muslim insurgents are attacking.

While the Kristols, Safires, and Podhoretzes shed copious crocodile tears over the plight of well-armed KLA "freedom fighters" and Chechen rebels, they inevitably cheer every Israeli effort to gun down rock-throwing Palestinian Arabs. That the neo-cons are hardly consistent in their affected sympathies is hardly surprising, after all, these are the same "experts" whose duplicitous prattle informed us that Kurdish rebels in Turkey were "terrorists" while Kurdish rebels fighting for the exact same cause (an independent Kurdistan) in Iraq were heroic "freedom fighters." The hypocrisy over the Kurds was so blatant that almost anybody could see through it, while the seemingly schizophrenic attitude of the neos to Muslim "freedom fighters" in Kosovo and Chechnya versus "terrorists" in Israel is a little more subtle.

Basically, Yugoslavia was chosen to be Israel's whipping boy by the neo-cons. It is well known that Israel is central to the neo-con agenda, this fanatically "Israel First" attitude that led the late Russell Kirk and others to quip that the neoconservatives seem to believe that Tel Aviv, not Washington, is America's capital. Since by their definition Israel can do no wrong and America's security interests can and should be sidestepped whenever Israel's interests are at stake, reality demands a little damage control. While the neocons insist that Israel is of vital strategic interest to the United States and that protecting and subsidizing Israel is tactically equivalent to defending the US itself, reality dictates otherwise, and as a result, little adjustments have to be made. It is readily apparent that US aid to Israel comes at a huge cost to America. After all, it is Arab nations, not Israel, that provide us with oil, and it should be remembered that America's support of Israel has lead to oil crises when Arab oil nations decide to cut us off in protest. Furthermore, the majority of Arab and Muslim hostility towards the US and the West is due to America's support for Israel and the Zionist cause, regardless of how often the neocons repeat incantations about how "the Arabs hate us because we are free, not because we support Israel."

from The Neocons and their Lies
by Max Shpak
at OriginalDissent


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