Thursday, August 24, 2006

Homosexual political power trammeling on religious liberty

(Their editor must be asleep because they accidently allowed this editorial to slip into their editorial page today).

"In the 1982 case of Bob Jones University v. United States, the Supreme Court found that when a charitable organization's policies become "at odds with the common community conscience," its state and federal tax exemptions may be revoked, even if the policies are religiously motivated.

This decision allowed governments at all levels to revoke the income or property-tax exemptions of religious institutions that "discriminate" against same-sex couples. All it takes is a court, legislature, or tax bureaucrat to find that the "community conscience" demands it.
If courts continue to weaken religious-freedom protections - and if legislatures continue to fail to fill the breach - there might soon be nothing left to stop the state from steamrolling over all religious conduct that dares to oppose gay rights.

Live and let live indeed."

--from Gay rights vs. religious beliefs, Philadelphia Inquirer, August 24, by Rodger T. Severino.


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