Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Hitler - let's all hate hate hate

The media has been in a tizzy trying to get us all to hate and fear a technologically primitive regime on the other side of the world. The regime? - Iran - why? Well it's leader Almadinejad turns out to be even worse than Mel Gibson!!

Look this the breathless hysteria from the London Daily Mail - Why This Man Should Give Us All Nightmares.

The media worries that too many people are asking why - why should we sacrifice our sons and daughters, why should we hate, why should we launch a military attack against a nation that frankly has legitimate claims to being victimized by the West and by Israel? Of course you have to dig - but here buried in the middle of the article is the biggest clue.

"But, alas, there's nothing which we would recognise as 'reasonable' about President Ahmadinejad, the small, bearded blacksmith's son from the slums of Tehran - who denies the existence of the Holocaust, promises to 'wipe Israel off the map' and who, moreover, urges Iranians to 'prepare to take over the world'. "

Well I'm not sure about "taking over the world" (why would he want it? - and how exactly could they do that - a long march through the institutions? - like the left has done it?). No. The reason for our war whooping aganist Iran is Ahmadinejad "denies the existence of the Holocaust"

And let's face it - "denying the Holocaust" is the new blasphemy today - that is the act for which you can go to jail, lose your job, and in the case of Iran - face military invasion from the West.


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