Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Music Man - everything old is new again

I saw a lovely production of the charming musical - The Music Man a few weeks ago. Written by Meredith Willson and produced in 1952 - it was intended to be a loving look at old-fashioned Iowa and her people. In one of the first lines of the play a train conductor comes down the aisle, and spotting a man about to light a cigarette says, "Cigarettes illegal in this state." Of course it was meant to poke gentle fun at the old-fashioned prohibition-like values of Iowa.

But all I could think of was that cigarettes are now becoming illegal in modern American cities - and most likely in the cities that consider themselves "progressive" like San Fancisco, New York, and Philadelphia.

The modus operandi of the Left is - trash tradition until you can effectively banish it; then discover it's virtures (but ascribe them you your own insight - as if you discovered them), then implement by law what was always proscribed by tradition.


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