Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bishop Bennison - stealing the property and evicting the people

The Episcopal Church USA, in its quest to turn Clinton Administration social policy into god's law are busily sending away members who don't see things through the same (lavendar-colored) glasses.

It seems the ECUSA no longer sees the church as the body of believers - rather they see it as the Episcopate - the heirarchy - without the unpleasant necessity of people to whom they must minister.

The Left has completed its long march through the institutions. Now that they control those institutions they no longer tolerate dissent or lionize speaking truth to power.

Bishop Bennison (Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania) is currently trying to confiscate the churches of three parishes - leaving his liberal staff with the money and the people with nowhere to worship.

The targets of Bennison and his leftists are Rev. David Ousley formerly rector of St. James the Less, targeted to be deposed in February; Fr. Moyer (Church of the Good Shepherd) and Fr. Eddy Rix (All Saints', Wynnewood). Bennison wants them out of their churches against the wishes of their loyal parishoners and then to take over their properties.

Shame on the Right Reverend Charles Bennison and all those in his cabal who think the church is about power, clergy, propery and money - instead of about people.


Blogger The young fogey said...

I think it's over at St James the Less - the bishop won the appeal in court so Fr Ousley and congo walked, leaving the bishop with an empty church that's now closed. Fr O and congo are now St Michael's meeting at a cemetery chapel in Bala Cynwyd IIRC.

These cases really are a slam-dunk for the dioceses. That's how the Episcopal Church works. Obviously the court doesn't decide on the religious issues - it simply reads the church's canon law. It'd be like a parish trying to secede from the Roman Catholic Church - they'd lose the buildings to the diocese.

Should work both ways - I understand a liberal parish in a relatively conservative diocese, Springfield, Illinois, wants to go under another Episcopal bishop. Let's see what happens.

The nice thing for men like +Pennsylvania and +Springfield to do would be to ask for a pittance for transfer of title and send the departing parishes on their way with good wishes, though legally the bishop doesn't have to do that.

What'll be really interesting is when dioceses start pulling out of the Episcopal Church. In that case I don't think the national church has a leg to stand on in court. Again, the diocese would win.

7:44 PM  
Blogger PuckPan said...

Thanks for the very perceptive update.

7:49 PM  

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