Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If Voting Could Change Anything - It'd Be Illegal

The good thing about the results of the election is that they send a signal to the political class that we see through their Zionist wars and we want them stopped; the bad thing is that it fools the people into thinking they can fix the problem with a vote. Political junkies are shallow people.

Those who fear the Democrats on social issues - please; America is already a haven for pornographers, abortionists, public displays of homosexuality, and profanity. The Democrats cannot make this worse.

Those who fear Democrats on interational issues fear not - yes our wars will now be directed at European peoples like the Serbs instead of Arabs; but the good thing is our military is tired and depleted; the American people have no more stomach for it (a big round of applause to the neo-cons); and Israel is likely to force our attention on Iran. Democrats are at least as beholden to AIPAC - maybe even more so - than Republicans.

As powerful as pro-Israel lobbies are they cannot guarantee election victories. Their strength lies in their ability to destroy a sitting politican. Hopefully the political class can see that AIPAC is a very fickle friend; and that its allegiance is never to America or the American people.


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