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A Russian Orthodox memorial to Tzar Nicolas and his martyred family

"There is evidence that the murders were ritualistic. Thus strange cabbalistic symbols were found on the walls of the room where the crime took place which have been deciphered to mean: "Here was wounded in the heart the head of the Church, the people and the state", or: "Here, by order of the secret powers, the Tsar was offered as a sacrifice for the destruction of the state. Let all peoples be informed of this." Again, on the wall of the death-chamber was found an inscription which fittingly sums up the deed from the point of view of the Jewish revolution. It was a quotation from the German Jewish poet Heine, slightly altered to bring out the word "tsar" and identifying the tsar with Belshazzar: "


Blogger beakerkin said...

It is fairly obvious that you are an anti Semite. However, the Revolution you term Jewish persecuted Jews who practiced the faith since its inception. You need to hit the books and learn about the history of Communist Anti-Semitism.

As far as my blog is concerned I spend plenty of space on persecuted Christians. I defend the Catholic Church and the rights of Christians around the world on a regular basis.

You will find your anti-semitism more in tune with the heirs of that "Jewish Revolution" and Jihadi nuts than with mainstream
people such as Rudy Republicans.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Puckpan said...

I checked you blog - it is typical Jewish nationalist. I see no posts defending the Catholic church or Catholic people. And I see plenty of instances of your calling anyone who does "anti-Semitic."

Rather than simply calling me a name let's get to the point you called Pat Buchanan an anti-Semite because he defended an innocent man - John Denjanjuk. Demjanjuk was acquitted - and exonerated.

Demjanjuk was eventually (only after the opening of the Russian archives) proven never to have been in Treblinka - and certainly not to have been the war criminal that 40 Israeli eyewitnesses claimed he was.

The reason 40 eyewitnesses (describing lurid personal details and conversations) can be so wrong is because people like you have constructed a religious fabrication that essentially makes all Cathoics of Eastern European descent guilty - guilty because of who they are.

The Jewish claim to be always and forever the victim of gentiles is the real cuase of hate. And it leads people like you to demonize anyone who defends Catholics.

6:38 AM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

You must obvious have a reading comprehension disorder in addition to your anti-semitic pathologies.
The correct term to describe me is an American Patriot. Patriot come in all ethnicities but your obsession with my heritage is typical of those with limited intellects.

Get the facts straight on Demjanjuk. He was not aquited because he was innocent. He was convicted and certainly was at the camps in question. The verdict was overturned by an Israeli court who had concluded he was not Ivan Machenko. The evidence proved Demjanjuk was a Nazi collaborator of a lower level. In short he was a lower level Nazi War criminal, but hardly innocent. The evidence that aided Demjmanjuk came from former coworkers of Ivan Marchenko.
The kook theory that he was innocent and framed by the Soviets
is nonsesnse, buy a clue.

Buchanan's record of anti-semitism and your own speak for itself.
The "Jewish Revolution" is a typical anti Semitic canard that dates to the Nazi era.

My site allready has far more talented trolls than you. Do yourself a favor and find another blog to visit.

Most of my readers are genuine Christians and do not deserve to be lumped in with your ignorance.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Puckpan said...

"American patriot" and "Jewish nationalist" are not mutually exclusive; particularly when you define the interests of America as synonymous with the interests of Jews (the same kind of thinking that got us mired in Iraq and soon Iran). I stand by my description of you.

John Demjanjuk was convicted based on 40 Jewish eyewitnesses who absolutely believed what they were saying and absolutely were wrong (kind of like much of the Holocaust canon). He was later exonerated when "new evidence came to light" (Wikipedia); i.e. the eyewitnesses, all 40 of them, were wrong).

He was almost hanged and there are many Jews today who like to see him hanged for no reason than that he is a Catholic of Eastern European origin.

John Demjanjuk deserved a defense - and Pat Buchanan showed great courage to do so against a media juggernaut consisting entirely of people like you - people who still to this day utter lies like "runs to defend every Nazi war criminal."

Now you people are after Jimmy Carter - for failing to toe your line.

Well Jimmy Carter is an American patriot too. And standing up to smear-mongers like you makes him so.

8:22 AM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

The old anti-semitic Jews as disloyal bit. You seem to write about dem Jooos more than I do. Lets start this slowly Greeks, Irish, Italians and Idians who advocate policies in favor of their country of origin are not called UnAmerican. You seem to have an Elmer Fudd type obsession with dem Joos.

Carter is has never been confused with an American Patriot before this. His half baked notion and sucking up to every Commie dictator have been evident for years.

Demanjuk never was able to account for where he was there is more than ample evidence he was a camp guard. This testimony just happened to come from a coworker. The records and evidence have established beyond any doubt he was in Sobior and his ID proved this is a fact.

Being proven that you are not Ivan Marchenko and a guard in another Concentration camp is not innocence.

Is there any more Joooonacy you wish to go over.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Puckpan said...

Odd. Why do you say "dem Joooos?" I never use that term. Why would you? Easier to argue with what I don't say than it is with what I do say?

beakerkin> "Greeks, Irish, Italians and Idians who advocate policies in favor of their country of origin are not called UnAmerican"

Correct. And as I said "American patriot" and "Jewish nationalist" are not mutually exclusive. I expect you to advocate for Jewish interests. Why would you deny it? And why would you expect me to share your views?

"The old anti-semitic Jews as disloyal bit."

Ahh - I think I see. It's because I'm not calling you disloyal - you are calling others disloyal and I'm not letting you get away with it.

You see beakerkin - I know where you are coming from - and that's fine - for you. But I, and Buchanan, and Demjanjuk, and Jimmy Carter - aren't Jewish - and we too have a right to our loyalities. And what gives you the right to insist they be the same as yours?

I'm for the American grassroots who have to die in neo-con foreign wars. Buchanan is for Catholics. Demjanjuk is for the Croatians. And Carter is for peace and justice.

Naturally these passions put us at odds with Jewish interests. But we are American patriots too.

I think you need to apologize for what you said about Pat Buchanan.

11:21 AM  

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