Friday, January 04, 2008

Taki - Joining the Hypocrites

Culture is it's own reward. As I grow older I have a need to be impressed by artistry. Even political writers expressing my beliefs turn me off if they do not also entertain me. No one does this better than the Spectator's Taki. Looks like the playboy is about to settle down. I wish him happiness and lots of children.

by Taki

Dec 12, 2007

"And here I will join the rest of the hypocrites and say that I don’t agree with David Irving, but I’m being cowardly in doing so. (I’d like to keep this column, especially now that I will be married to The Spectator’s assistant editor.) No such problem for my friend Andrew Roberts. He recently wrote how some old and infirm Nazis must not be allowed to die in their beds. "

"I recently read a comment by John Updike calling the concept of war crimes tautological. I agree. By incinerating women, old men and children from 10,000 feet, the Allies established the moral high ground and have been standing on it ever since. But Dresden was a major war crime, as was Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But who among us was about to bring Winston Churchill, FDR and Truman to justice? Only Bertrand Russell, that’s who. "

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