Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Andrew Sullivan finally stands against censorship in Europe

Finally!! Andrew Sullivan, homosexual leftist (who calls himself a conservative - everyone is a conservative these days) finally takes a stand against hate speech laws in Europe.

After years of silence while authors who criticize Islam, Judaism, Israel, the homosexual agenda, the holocaust dogma, are thrown into jail, Andrew Sullivan is finally shocked. Shocked! Why? Well this time Europe is threatening with jail someone who criticized the Catholic Church.

People like Andrew Sullivan only defend free speech when it is their speech and their issues being spoken. They never defend freedom of speech for people they disagree with.

They like to protray themselves as bold and courageous - but in fact they are fearlessly joining the strong in condemning the weak. The Catholic church is mocked from every corner of the elite establishment - and Andrew Sullivan joins them - like a chicken joining the gaggle as they peck to death a hatchling that is malformed and weak.

The truely courageous people in this world - are defending freedom of speech - speech that mocks, not the weak, but the powerful - and they are in jail for it. And Andrew Sullivan does not see them because he sits in the halls of the powerful.

Here's his hypocritical screed.

Intimidating The Press
16 Sep, 2008

A horrifying case in Italy leads to a possible prosecution of a journalist for criticizing the Pope. I see no reason that critics of Catholicism, however crude, should be punished for free speech. It's the same principle behind the absolute right to mock Islam, or any religious figure for that matter. Bilgrimage comments here.

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