Sunday, February 26, 2006

Body Worlds at the Franklin Institute

Had a fun day in downtown Philly yesterday afternoon - despite the crowds. (I have a large personal space so I hate crowds).

We went to Pierre's Costumes looking for Romeo & Juliet swords. That was a very interesting place - huge - has everything plus a million things you never even thought of. Then we went to Dave & Buster's Restaurant on the pier - which I figured would be fun for the kids because it has a large game room and arcade. It was crowded though. At 4 PM on Saturday there was a 40 minute wait for a table for four. But we soothed our anxieties with a drink at the bar, the food was good enough, and the kids had fun.

Finally the jewel of the day - our trip to the Franklin Institute for their Body Worlds exhibit.

This was a really neat exhibit. I especially enjoyed the last room where the full bodies were posed in athletic positions - my favorites were the hurdler, the gymnast doing an L-seat on the rings, and the young woman in a backbend on the balance beam (how did such a healthy young woman die - I wonder?). I found the series of fetuses with abnomalities sad and disconcerting.

Anyway the whole thing was excellent except for one thing - too crowded. They let too many people in there. Also it was excessively warm and stuffy - not a good environment when you are seeing plastinated body parts.


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