Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another execution in The Hague

They got Milosevic, just as they got his generals Djukic, Slavko Docmanovic, Simo Drljaca, and Kovacevic before him. All died in custody in the Hague. None of them convicted. Of course the Hague doesn't have capital punishment - officially. Unofficially it exists to humiliate, then kill European nationalist leaders.

Milosevic had threatened to expose American war crimes (of the Clinton Administration and its foreign policy advisors). Now his voice is stilled.

Sure, he was a thug. But the hour is late - our future is grave. And a thug will do. For two thousand years it has been the destiny of the Serbian people to be "the bulwark of Christendom" to defend Europe from Islam.

Who is it that wants an Islamic nation in Europe? Not me - and not millions of Christians in America.

For an excellent view of the legal atrocity that the prosecution of Milosevic had become read John Laughland's Railroading of Milosevic ends with his unlikely death" from The Guardian.


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