Friday, September 15, 2006

Glorious War! - Joe Sobran

Most observers are predicting a rout of the Republicans in this fall's elections. Some think the Democrats can even recapture both houses of Congress. I hope so. Oh, how I hope so. May the Republicans perish forever. May vultures gobble their entrails. May their name be blotted out. In short, may they lose their shirts in November.

Yes, I'm disillusioned with the GOP. It was bad enough when I thought they were unprincipled. Now, however, it's worse, because they do have a principle after all: war.

Two Bush administrations have proved that. War on Panama, war on Iraq, war on "terror," war on Afghanistan, war on Iraq again, and war on Iran, comin' up. And of course the recent Israeli war on Lebanon was waged with George W. Bush's complicity. Am I leaving anything out? Oh yes, his father's war on "drugs"; but let's not even count that one.

Next to the violence of war, I hate the philosophical fallout. This Bush administration has managed to pervert the meaning of "conservatism": in most Americans' minds, for the next generation, the word will mean, above all, "militarism."

Joe Sobran


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