Sunday, September 10, 2006

Green Lane Scottish Irish Festival 2006

Took my wife and daughter to the Green Lane Scottish Irish Festival today. Perfect day. Here's some pics.

These girls to the left were the highlight of the festival for me. They were splendid. They were young and cute and terrific on their fiddles. Then in the middle of a fast number then started step dancing - really well. They call themselves Burning Bridge Cleary. They have quite an act and they are going places.

As always at these festivals - there were some terrific Irish step dancers. This lass was one of the best.

This guy threw a heavy weight over the bar. Supposedly it was some kind of record. He was strong as an ox.

I was incredibly lucky to catch a glimpse of the Lock Ness Monster and snap this pic. This picture should put to rest Nessie-denial once and for all. I'm sending it to the Smithsonian.

The Border Collies were fascinating. They intimidate sheep into their pens. These dogs are fast, obediant, and smart - and supposedly very high-strung.


Anonymous Elizabeth Smith said...

I just love events like this. Thanks for sharing.

2:19 PM  

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