Thursday, November 16, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer pushes for AIPAC control of US Intelligence

Exactly as I predicted. The American people vote to get us our of Iraq - and Democrats, liberals, and pro-Israel activists start to make it about the "conduct of the war" instead of the war itself.

These people want us out of Iraq so they can redeploy us to Israel's next "enemy" - Iran. They see America's job as neutralizing any Arab nation in the Middle East.

Well listen up Inquirer - the American people are tired for fighting wars for ideological dogma in distance lands - liberal capitalism, Zionism, imperialism, and just plain hubris are destroying our reputation and depleting our resources.

John Murtha who is flawed but at least took a principled stand against American involvement in the Middle East has been touted as head of the Intelligence Committee in the new Congress. Well the Philadelphia Inquirer (a reliable herald of Democratic Leadership Council/pro-Israel politics) attacks Nancy Pelosi for not appointing Jane Harman (a reliable AIPAC/Israel supporter) to the post.

Starting with an attack on Murtha's ethics (why is the modus operandi of these people always like this) they then proceed to celebrate Jane Harman without ever questioning her involvement in AIPAC. Here's the sordid editorial.

"But House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) is contemplating one decision on committee chairs that would be just plain bad. Pelosi reportedly doesn't want Rep. Jane Harman (D., Calif.) to become chair of the House intelligence committee when the Democrats take over in January. Harman is currently the top Democrat on the panel."

Congressional Chairmanships, Philadelphia Inquirer, Hovember 15, 2006


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