Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Crash!!

The Fed issued a new dollar bill this afternoon:
OK so, a bunch of uber-capitalists from Lehman Brother, Merril Lynch, and Goldman Sacks are going broke..
The people are on the verge of revolt..
Leftist bureucrats who created Fannie Mae for the purpose of stealing money from decent hard-working conservative, honest, frugal people are desperately trying to hide..
Israel wants war against Iran but America is too broke and her military too over-stretched to start any new wars this week...
Either a radical black racist or a Zionist war-monger will inherit the White House and become responsible for failing to rescue us from an impossible situation..
Left-wing hacks of the Old Media are losing their jobs...
What's the problem? I don't see a problem here. ..dancing with sprites

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