Monday, March 20, 2006

War is about destruction - not construction

Something I noticed over a month ago is finally being discussed in main strema neo-conservative circles. There is a split among neo-conservative, pro-war hawks. One side - the really ugly side - is at least representing the truth about themselves.

The other side is less ugly. As much as I find Bush's war cheerleading loathsome, hypocritical, and historically ignorant - if he is to be believed I could accept as humanitarian his stated goal of a moderized, liberalized Iraq. His is the faction of neo-cons who believe that we make war in the Middle East to help the people. These people believe we have a long way to go in Iraq and must keep working.

Not so the other faction.

The zionist, pro-Israel neo-cons, now labelled "to hell with them hawks" by Rich Lowery in the National Review essentially wanted war with Iraq to destroy it - and not to rebuild it. Destabilizing an Arab enemy of Israel is the goal. To these people we have completed our objective in Iraq and should now leave.

Of course the pro-Israel hawks want us to leave because they want to send our boys to make war on Syrian and Iran.

So there you have it. Destroy to rebuild, or destroy to destabilize. Neo-cons - yechh!


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