Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Never Ending Assault on Christendom - Kosovo

The photo to the left is of the ruins of St. Nicolas church (19th century).
The church was burned to the ground by Kosovo Albanian rioters in March this year. The church possessed one of the most beautiful wooden iconostasis (icon screen) with valuable icons which perished in fire (see little photo down right). Since March riots, despite promises of the UN Mission and Albanian led Kosovo institutions not one of the destroyed Orthodox churches has been reconstructed.
Dancing With Sprites believes that the devil does his best work when people are not looking. The American media has studiously avoided looking at Kosovo - since as far as the New York Times is concerned the work there was done when Clinton destroyed Serbia and established a Muslim state.

Here's a letter to the Chicago Tribune:

RE: January 10, 2008 – Kenyans Fleeing

Dear Editor,It’s right of the Tribune to report the horrors of the pogroms in Kenya against Kikuyu people by the Iluo supporters of Raila Odinga (who is backed by Senator Obama and an ally of El Qa’eda.)

But isn't it selective outrage not to inform your readers of the same atrocity in Kosovo which is right now, since Bill Clintons' war of 1999, being perpetrated under US and NATO administration?

In Kosovo over a hundred Christian Serb churches have been destroyed since 2004. Again their third winter since is being spent by Serbs who survived murder and rape, living in wretched little containers, freezing in winter and roasting in summer. Since March 300 mosques have been built. The Saudi flag flies there.

At the University of Pristina in exile from Albanian Muslim territory, I gave a lecture to student refugees in North Mitrovica in December 2006. The rector showed me photos of his parents’ grave vandalized by the Islamist Albanians and of his house dynamited by them.

I personally saw a forged property deed in the name of President Hasim Thaqi’s brother which the latter was using usurp rich properties owned for generations by a Serb. I also saw the authentic title to property. In Kosovo document forgery, from passports to court documents and medical certificates, are easily acquired for a price. The biggest industries in US-controlled (“NATO”) are heroin smuggling and sex slavery.

Will the Tribune send Mr. Salopek to Serbia’s stolen province Kosovo to compare notes?

John Peter Maher
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University

Additonal comments -

...Defense analyst Frederick Peterson said the media around the globe are ignoring the issue of Saudi Arabian and other sources flooding the economically depressed region with money to pay for new mosques as the churches are being destroyed.

...In the war against an expanding radical Islam, Peterson said, "We have three choices: convert, submit or die. But there's a fourth choice and that's to fight."What is going on in Kosovo today is the future of Europe tomorrow," he added.

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