Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Philadelphia Inquirer celebrates Easter!?

Just kidding.

You know it's a major Christian holiday with the mainstream media publishes a "new revelation" including some bigoted anti-Christian news, message, or historical accusation. For Easter this year - The Gospel of Judas. Thank you Philadelphia Inquirer (fortunately that newspaper is going broke - can't wait).

Lewellen Rockwell published a terrific expose of this today written by Steven Greenhut on his blogsite.

"Welcome to western Holy Week, a time of fasting, prayer and the usual media "debunking" of everything Christians hold near and dear by a secular, childish, and rabidly anti-Christian media that believe that all beliefs are equal except for one particular belief that is less equal than all the others.

During Ramadan, the mainstream media fill their pages with stories of peaceful Muslims who want nothing more than to pray, fast, and get closer to their lord. During Holy Week, Christians get the usual fare: the latest Jesus Seminar explanation of why Jesus couldn’t possibly be born of a virgin and couldn’t possibly be resurrected. The "Seminar" is a gathering of liberal theologians who get together and debate technical papers about the Gospels. The scholars drop colored beads in a box declaring whether they believe or disbelieve the words of Jesus. For some reason, the sight of theologians who have built careers doubting traditional Christian teaching publicly criticizing the teachings they already don’t believe is always news in the news business, and always proof that the only Christians who believe in Christianity are out of the "mainstream."

This isn’t exactly the biggest cross to bear for those of us who actually believe in the virgin birth and the risen Christ. Having spent my career in the media, I can safely say that I’m far more comfortable NOT sharing the beliefs that are rampant among reporters and editors. Nevertheless, I still find the usual attacks annoying and revealing.

Having done the Jesus Seminar shtick for so long that almost everyone has come to ignore it, this year the media have splashed across the front pages the English translation of the so-called Gospel of Judas, thanks to the discovery and translation of a long-lost document. As various news reports and TV shows boast, we now learn that the traitor of the Christian faith might really be its hero! "Some religious scholars consider it the most important theological discovery in the last 60 years," explained the Cox News Service report, in nearly breathless words. "It illuminates, they say, early Christian beliefs and contradicts biblical teaching concerning Judas’ role in Jesus Christ’s death." As the news headline puts it, "Judas a ‘good guy’ in new gospel."

What a guy that Judas was! I'd like to buy him a drink sometime - arsenic on the rocks.

The rest of the article is here. Just in Time for Easter: Gnosticism, Missing Links, and Other Lies


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